Mediative / Yellow Pages Group


LOCATION Griffintown, Montreal
SIZE 25 000 sq. ft. +


To imagine the new corporate identity for the digital division of Yellow Pages Group's Mediative offices, in Montreal. While creating a distinct signature, the offices, nestled in the heart of a historic building, needed to embody the creativity, audacity and energy of the young I.T. firm.

Marie Castonguay

Incorporating both the dynamism of the firm and the historic cachet of the heritage building, the project clearly evokes the theory of duality in the opposition, a concept which guided the design process of the space from the start.

With a large portion of Mediative's employees being on the road and mobile; a benching layout was recommended for the workstations. This system not only helped maximize the available square footage; allowing for larger commununal and leisure areas, but it also provides easy access for teaming up as different projects require the formation of new groups.