More than just a process, the VAD way is our philosophy: our very own approach for creating environments that leave a mark on individuals and organizations.








For VAD, the roadmap to delivering successful designs every time contains five essential phases.


The exploration

Our adventure begins with an exploratory phase where we round up a detailed portrait of your organization. We not only want to get to know your spaces, but more importantly the people that occupy them, how they move and work, how they communicate and come together.

During this phase, a majority of the data that will serve to identify your organization’s essential needs will be collected.


  • exploratory meetings and data collection
  • space occupation studies
  • zoning studies
  • pre-leasing plans
  • blockage plans
Phase 2 Looping®

The Looping® Session.

The jump

At the Looping Session, a constructive duel takes place, between the need to think logically and the desire to make magic happen. This phase is crucial to the ideation of a design that answers to an organization’s rational and strategic needs.
The Looping® Session
Phase 3 Vision


The creation

At this stage, we analyze and interpret the collected data, to turn it into magic. The team’s forces are strategically mobilized to plan out and imagine intelligent, effective, memorable and flexible spaces that are, more importantly, tailored to your reality.


  • preliminary design plan
  • conceptual research
  • 3D modeling
  • development of corporate design standards
  • creation of interior signage programs
Phase 4 Mouvement


The activation

Once the concept has been endorsed by the entire project team, we can start to work on its materialization.
Our production team rationalizes, develops and details the ideas through technical drawings and plans for their construction.
The project management team joins us for the selection of the collaborators, the coordination of different trades, monitoring of budgets, work plans and schedules and the supervision of construction sites. During the building phase, we are your eyes and ears: we are the guardians of quality.


  • construction and demolition plans
  • design plans
  • plans for electrical and computing needs
  • technical and architectural details
  • preparation of tender documents
  • project management and work site supervision
  • budgeting and budgetary controls
  • stakeholder and contract management


The experience

The space finds all of its meaning and purpose when it finally welcomes its users. It is then that we can truly put its capacity and functionalities to the test, that we can identify the discomforts to eliminate them, and that we observe what works best, to optimize it.

Through performance studies, we assess the impact on both business results and the company’s culture.


  • inspection and creation of a list of defects
  • final project approval
  • space performance studies
  • user satisfaction studies