National Bank’s Dynamic Workspace

National Bank's Dynamic Workspace

LOCATION Montreal Headquarters
SIZE over 100 000 sq. ft.


Stand alongside National Bank through the development of an ambitious and innovative planning transformation at its Montreal headquarters, offering the personnel increased flexibility and fluidity.

Photos: Stéphane Brügger


Continuing its momentum in promoting collaboration, mobility and connectivity, National Bank's Dynamic new Workspace presents a colorful and airy setting where nearly 600 employees flourish daily.

An extensive study of the occupation patterns in the original offices revealed that the time for private offices, cubicles and large individual work stations was over.

Taking advantage of the octagonal shape of the building in which natural light flows abundantly, unassigned workstations line the windows and are spread out through the open floor plan, sectioned into a palette of five saturated pigments. Architectural lines and color blocks add impact while also serving as orientation cues for the space's occupants and visitors.

The integration of a multitude of work rooms, meeting rooms, phone booths, and multi-purpose areas across the open space allowed for a more comfortable transition for the workers ajusting to their new environment.
Clear glass, bold hues and bright light enliven the general concept.



The new environment is immersive, effective, intuitive and modern. It was designed with the intention of helping the traditional work methods evolve, in a way that favours mobility, collaboration and employee well-being.

With this transition into a new work model, National Bank reaffirms its position as a leader in innovation in the field of financial institutions.