Commercial Interior Projects - Hallway with Workstations at Mediative designed by VAD Interior Designers

Mediative / Yellow Pages Group

Head office


Griffintown, Montréal


25 000 sq. ft. +

The mandate

  • To imagine the new corporate identity for the digital division of Yellow Page: Mediative's offices,in Montreal. While creating a distinct signature, the offices, nestled in the heart of a historic building, the design aimed at embodying the creativity, audacity and energy of the young I.T. firm.
Photo credit : Marie Castonguay

Incorporating both the dynamism of the firm and the historic cachet of the heritage building, the project clearly evokes the theory of duality in the opposition, a concept which guided the design process of the space from the start.

With a large portion of Mediative’s employees being on the road and mobile; a benching layout was recommended for the workstations. This system not only helped maximize the available square footage; allowing for larger commununal and leisure areas, but it also provides easy access for teaming up as different projects require the formation of new groups.