SIZE 24 000 sq. ft.


VAD was mandated by LOGISTEC Coporation for the relocation and complete redesign of its headquarters.

Marie Castonguay


Experiencing significant growth, LOGISTEC Corporation, a national leader in maritime solutions, needed to relocate its head office in Old Montreal to a larger space, to accommodate a growing team.


After conducting an exhaustive analysis of the organization's needs and objectives, VAD was able to support Logistec, alongside Devencore, in carrying out pre-leasing studies, to assess various potential locations.



Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-cafeteria



The new headquarters were relocated to the 14th floor of the 600 de La Gauchetière.


This 24 000 sq. ft. space, featuring abundant fenestration and an octagonal shape, became the starting point for the design of Logistec's new agile and highly technological workspace.

Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-réception
Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-réception-2


Walking through the entrance, a bright and airy reception area offers generous city views, and opens onto the cafeteria with a sleek moveable wall system.


The wall system remains ajar on a daily basis, allowing a natural flow to and from the cafeteria, creating movement in an unifying space. When the partitions are completely opened, it creates a large gathering space; ideal for hosting the company's events.



Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-espace cocktail
Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-lounge
Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-cafeteria-2



Aiming to accelerate its digital transformation, Logistec introduced cutting-edge technologies in all of tis meeting rooms, as well as an avant-garde room reservation system.


Details such as these appear discreet, but altogether enhance the employee experience significantly.



Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-poste de travail
Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-salle-conference
Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-aire ouverte-2
Siege social de Logistec-VAD-2021-aire ouverte