NATIONAL Group and Res Publica

EMPLACEMENT Downtown Montreal
SUPERFICIE 25 000 sq. ft. +


Regrouped together in a single space but under various identity banners, public relations firms Res Publica, National and Cohn & Wolfe sought to relocate their offices in a classic and innovative environment that promotes collaboration between the work teams and the three organizations.

Photos : Marie Castonguay

The prestigious character of the building served as a starting point for the elaboration of the firm's new interiors. By introducing a bolder coloration and sharp architectural shapes, the environment is revived.

VAD's objective was to design a layout that would be both timeless and modern,
while promoting collaboration amongst its users. The common lounging and dining area was an important feature for the organization, with the reality of the industry often adding up to long work hours.

A central point was created at the core of the floor plan. Accessible from the main entrance on the 8th floor, the space holds a large kitchen with central island, booth seating and lunch tables, as well as lounging areas. Workspaces revolve around this central point, as the decor progressively transitions into more sober spaces, promulgating a calm and warm atmosphere for work.