Quebec CPA Order

Montreal headquarters

LOCATION Downtown Montreal
AREA less than 50 000 sq. ft.


To establish the headquarters of the new Québec CPA Order, following the significant merger of the three formerly separate national accounting orders. The elaboration of the new office was part of an the development of a new image that is both powerful, prestigious and up-to-date, which reinforces the mixing of the three groups.

Photos : Marie Castonguay

Covering nearly 47,000 square feet spread out on two storeys, CPA's offices were transformed into a clean and harmonious canvas where functional, flexible, welcoming and dynamic spaces are cut out.

The materials, coloration and light installations evoke the identifiable brand image from the first steps inside the space; marking the unique character of the CPA Order; reinforcing its position both nationally and internationally.

The search for innovative management solutions to encourage collaboration between teams, and promote the well-being of users, was central to the design process. For the employer, it was essential that the spaces tie in with the culture and corporate vision, and serve as a lever amplifying the employees' sense of pride and belonging. CPA was also rewarded with the Outstanding Employer Certification in 2015.